Lake Orta

Lake Orta, or as the locals know it Lago d'Orta is a true gem in the Northern Italian Lake Region. Not as well known as its sister lakes nearby, Lake Como and Lago Maggiore, but equally as stunning and luckily not as over run with tourists. Its quiet, serene and breathtakingly beautiful. Long since a vacation spot for Roman Emperors, Popes and Billionaires alike, but also home to local fishermen, artists and entrepreneurs seeking a richer life.

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The Villa Boomerang

Constructed in 2006 by demolishing an existing villa, the Villa Boomerang was built as a vacation home on 3 levels directly overhanging the crystal clear water of the alpine lake. The Villa has direct and private water access, is completely private and secure and is used by its owners, their family and friends and select few discerning guests year round.

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Meet the Team

We believe that dogs are better people than people, and if our dogs don't like you, chances are you have issues. They go everywhere with us, even the kids think we like them more.

Rigoletto Diavolo


Founder & CEO

Rigoletto is our Budda dog, also Jedi Knight by day, loves swimming, hiking, jumping, eating and most of all, follows his humans absolutely everywhere..

Giorgio Cannoli


Vice President

Younger brother to Alpha CEO Rigoletto, Giorgio is head of marketing and sales. Part canine, part medicine man, he finds any ailments on humans and canines alike, even invisible ones and tries to heal them

Ciccia Louise


Queen bee

Originally from Modena in Italy, Ciccia (meaning love handles) is now over 12 and still the most loving, supporting and loyal employee of the company. Total comfort creature and never far from her bed.

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A picture tells a 1000 words, so please feel free to browse the pictures of Villa Boomerang Italy, on Lake Orta - Italy's most romantic lake.