Ever thought of living in Italy – well now you can with the new flat tax


  • Flat Tax (see details below)
  • There are more UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES than in any other country on earth
  • Italy has some of the most beautiful towns on Earth – see “15 OF THE MOST STUNNING TOWNS IN ITALY
  • Fast Weekend escapes to Milan, the Lake District, Tuscany, Venice, Sardinia, Capri, Amalfi Coast and many more
  • Probably the best FOOD AND WINE in the world (Sorry France)
  • Fashion & design and the Dolce Vita
  • No Real Estate capital gain taxation after 5 years from purchase
  • Low Property Taxation
  • Excellent and free Healthcare for residents
  • Heritage taxation exemption up to 1 Million (more details available upon request)

Italy’s new Flat-tax

Ordinarily, Italian resident Individuals are subject to tax on their worldwide income. However, recently Italy introduced an alternative tax regime that consists in the payment of a fixed amount of €100.000 per year on foreign source income.

Who does the Flat-tax regime apply to?

The new Flat-tax regime applies to non-resident individuals who transfer their tax residence to Italy. The Italian Tax Administration clarified that individuals must actually move to Italy in order to benefit from the new Flat-tax regime. Access to the regime is limited to individuals who have had a foreign tax residence status for at least 9 out of the last 10 fiscal years. Read more

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