How far is the Villa Boomerang from Milan's Malpensa Airport?

About one hour by car. Click here for the best route

Are the shops within walking distance?

Even though the shops are nearby in Omegna, I would not recommend walking as the lake road is really busy with no sidewalk. You literally would be taking your life into your hands, in fact we discourage it.

Where (and when) is the closest market?

On Thursday morning, there is a terrific and extensive market in Omegna. Click here for more info on the other markets on other days

Does the Villa Boomerang provide Internet?

Generally No, even though we do have a Vodaphone wireless dongle available at the house that can be recharged at the Vodaphone shop at the IperCoop in Gravellona Toce. Free wifi is provided by the town in Omegna (username and password are both boomerang) or restaurants like Salera16.

Is the water from the tap drinkable?

Even though we have done so for years, it is not advisable for drinking water. LIDL nearby sells great water at ridiculously low prices

What are the top 5 warnings about the house that everyone should know?

  1. Don't flush anything but human waste and paper - the septic tank will revolt and cause a mutiny
  2. Don't leave the electric sun-shades extended when leaving the house - afternoon storms come up frequently and each of these shades costs about 5000 Euros to replace
  3. Don't leave heavy use equipment like the waterfall, the jacuzzi, the lake lights on overnight and unattended. The electricity bills can be enormous.
  4. We run an honor system, if you break something, tell us about asap and if you use something up, do refill / replace it.
  5. Take great care with the super large sliding doors, they tilt and slide and can be easily damaged and at tens of thousands of Euros, you don't want to break them.

Is the Villa Boomerang suitable for small children or mobility impaired visitors?

Absolutely not. There are several spiral staircases as well as internal metal staircases that are not user-friendly to adventurous toddlers or people that have difficulty getting around. The proximity to the lake is not safe for little toddlers.

Are pets allowed?

Even though the property is completely private and secluded with its own waterfront yard, accessible only by boat, all pets need to be approved prior to arriving. Any unauthorized pets will incur an extra cleaning charge. The living room couch alone cost in excess of E 10,000 - so please don't allow your pets on the furniture.

What kind of water sports activities?

There are kayaks at the Villa Boomerang and some blow-up water toys. SUP's are available for rent from our friends at Hotel Giardinetto.

Is the boat included with the Villa?

Unfortunately not. From time to time we have made private arrangements with licensed and experienced captains that are known to us. Please contact us for further discussion.