Ristorante San' Antonio

This might just be my favorite restaurant in the world. Simple, great food, great service, great view and the Lamperti Family makes us feel very special.

Address: Via Domodossola, 1, 28010 Miasino NO, Italy
Hours:  Sunday 12–2PM, 7:30–9:30PM
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 12–2PM, 7:30–9:30PM
Thursday 12–2PM, 7:30–9:30PM
Friday 12–2PM, 7:30–9:30PM
Saturday 12–2PM, 7:30–9:30PM

Phone: +39 0322 911963 - Andrea (chef) and Ciara (sister)



Venus Ristorante

Located at the water's edge directly on the Piazza in Orta, Restaurant Venus is a great and predictably good restaurant. Good food, great pizza, nice wines, and wonderful atmosphere to enjoy late evening dinners or lunch. Website or  Tel.+39 0322 90362


Pan & Vino

This is a terrific addition to the main piazza in Orta. Serving simple dishes of wine, bread, cheese and dried meats, they do an outstanding job.

Phone +39.393 8583293

Piazza Motta 37, Orta San Giulio

Hours 10:00 - 22:00


Al Boeuc Wine Bar

This is one of our favorite little hangouts in all of Italy. This candlelit stone cavern has been around since the 16th century. These days it offers glasses of fine wines and snacks including mixed bruschette with truffles and mushrooms, meat and cheese platters, and that Piedmontese favourite: bagna caüda (a hot dip of butter, olive oil, garlic and anchovies in which you bathe vegetables).

Via Bersani 28,  Orta San Giulio
Phone +39 339 584 0039


Hotel Giardinetto

Beautiful cuisine, extraordinary wines, outstanding service and an exceptional lake view whilst you dine.

They carefully resource the finest raw ingredients to be used with characteristic creativity, respecting nature, its timing, its products and its seasons.  These are the overriding principles of their Chef Alessandro Elefante, of Neapolitan origin, making our cuisine unique.

You can choose to eat inside fine indoor dining room with views over the lake or on the outdoor terrace directly on the water.  In the summer, enjoy your meal under the gazebo on the terrace, beautifully decorated with flowers and candles, ideal for a romantic occasion or relaxed evening meals, creating special moments at every meal.

They also offer a drinks service on the beach as well as SUP rentals. Their rooftop lounge is fantastic and the venue for many special events.

Website:  Click here

Directions: Click Here

Phone:  +39 0323 89118



Located up in the hills above the Villa Boomerang, the Restaurant Berimbao and its Pizzeria are excellent. Very very good food at decent prices.

Via Francisca 12, 28028, Pettenasco, Italy

Phone: +39 0323 89367



A superb little 2 level bar, restaurant, pizzeria, coffee shop right in the heart of Omegna, accessible by car or boat. Great Salads, great drinks, pizza's and free WiFi.
Piazza Salera, 16
Call +39 349 215 1632



We have been frequenting this little gem whenever the weather is not great, 5 minutes up the road in Pettenasco. Great for Pizza, Pastas and daily specials. 
Via Fara | 1/3, 28028, Pettenasco, Italy
Phone +39 0323 89444

Villa Crespi

The origins of Villa Crespi go back to 1879 and it was the dream come true of a wealthy cotton merchant, Cristoforo Benigno Crespi, who wanted to bring the charm of Baghdad back to his beloved Lake Orta.
It was originally named after Pia Travelli Crespi, like her husband a native of Busto Arsizio (Varese) and was gifted to her as an act of love, this being the reason it was called Villa Pia as we can still read on one of the gateways to the property.

Angelo Colla (1827-1892) was the architect Crespi charged with completing the project. He was one of the most sought after and fashionable architects of  the times.

Cristoforo Benigno Cresi wanted the architect's whimsical talents and indeedhe  perfectly interpreted his client's wishes, giving the villa a Middle Eastern setting that was quite unique, with superb stuccoes and arabesque carvings. The result is a masterpiece in the Moorish- Eclectic style which today is as breathtaking to the beholder as it was then.

This surprising villa has an elegant tower in the style of a minaret and its reputation as a place of charm and magic ensured  poets, captains of industry, princesses and King Umberto of Savoia were welcomed there.
In 1999, after careful restoration , Cinzia and Antonino Cannavacciuolo returned it to its former Midde Eastern character, making it into a point of reference for Italian hospitality and a temple to cuisine and fine taste.

The restaurant by famous 2 Michelin Star chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo is quite frankly spectacular, often booked out years in advance on certain popular dates.

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