ADDRESS: 146 VIA NOVARA, Omegna 28887 VB, Italy


Check-in / Check-out
Check in is at 4pm or after and check out is at 10am on the morning of your departure.


Septic Tank
All these lakeside properties use septic tanks, and these are very sensitive – so please do not flush anything other than toilet paper – if it cannot decompose naturally, it will clog the septic tanks, causing tremendous stress and expense.


Water Quality 
Apparently tap water is not advisable to drink due to its high mineral and metal content, I have though for many years and never found an issue. We use boiled (but let it cool down) water for the coffee machine. Lidl supermarket sells good water at really good prices -


Sliding Doors
These special German doors need a firm yet caring approach as they tilt and slide. Horizontal handle = open and ready to slide, Vertical Handle turned upwards = tilt inwards and Vertical Handle turned downwards = closed. It helps to lift and close the doors in one fluid motion, occasionally giving the really large living room one a little help by foot. Occasionally a little weather beading strip on the bottom outside has shifted and prevents the door from closing properly, in which case you can gently tap it back into place. (rubber mallet in storage closet in kitchen). Ask Danila to show you how these operate


We share the garbage bins with the Eureka condominium next door, and have also recently ordered our own to keep upstairs. They need to unfortunately be kept on the left hand side of the round door (when looking at the door), otherwise the garbage truck does not see them. If you need to deposit some more next door, do be careful walking along the busy road to the garbage collection next door. If you’re just staying for a week, you can also leave the garbage upstairs in the appropriate container.

  • Monday – black bags, regular garbage
  • Tuesday – Plastic, Alu cans, etc – pink bags
  • Wednesday – Organics and garden
  • Thursday – Glass – green container
  • Friday – Paper – white lid container

There are extra bins in the laundry room. We normally just take the garbage with us upstairs and leave it in the containers until the right day comes.


To turn it on, hold the “ON” button for a few seconds, it takes about 20 minutes to be fully operational. Similarly, hold the “OFF” button for a few seconds and it will fire down and shut off within 10 minutes.
Cleaning, is a necessary and quick thing. On the top right corner is a hidden lever that opens the door, and will allow you to empty the ‘brasiere’, the cast iron holder where the flames ignite the pellets and to pull out the metal holder and empty the ashes. Do have a broom and dustpan handy. You can empty the ashes into the plants, but not into the waterfall please.


Sunshades (Tende)
When it is really hot in the afternoons, I let these out halfway, each of the three has its own remote. NEVER leave the house with the shades extended, storms come up real quick with no warning. These shades cost about 5000 Euro each


Sundays is for Ducati’s and living on the lake is like living on a race track, I’ve made peace with it, I turn on the waterfall (shut down during winter), and just enjoy the sounds of the motorbikes going around the lake.


On the lower level is a switch “pompa” that turns on the waterfall. Please don’t leave it running all night or if you leave the house for extended periods. The waterfall is shut down during winter as the pump freezes and breaks.


This being Italy, power failures are quite common. There are three kinds of power failures
1. Inside the House – if something fault was plugged in or a circuit was overloaded, just go to the kitchen storage cabinet on your right as you enter the front door and reset the circuit breaker.
2. Outside the House – if everything inside looks normal and on, the breaker up at teh street could be off, normally due to lightning. Hanging beside the interior electric sub-panel is a key, that will open the circuit box up at the street where you park the cars, all the way on the right when you are looking at the street.
3. Out of your control – sometimes a whole district goes out and the neighborhood has no power, grab cheese and wine and sit on balcony and wait for power to be restored.


Being so close to the alps, weather patters are highly changeable and almost unpredictable. The most accurate weather station is for Omegna Italy. When it really really rains, I keep the doors closed, the de-humidifiers on and even light the fireplace to keep the place dry. Don’t leave the umbrella’s up – the wind is too strong, and every year, someone has to buy new umbrellas. You can move the BBQ under cover near the outdoor shower and grill underneath in the summer. Do retract the sun-shades when rain storms come up, they will break with strong winds and I am sure you will not be happy replacing them.


Yeah, I hate them too and we regularly clear them out but they do catch bugs and mosquitos. My wife lets them live (but i get rid of the big ones when when is not looking)


Night / Late pm trick
Close the sheer curtains around 5pm, use the outside balcony lights and don’t leave all the inside lights on, so that the bugs don’t all want to visit with you. If you keep the curtains closed, you might find a few dead bugs on the floor the next day, but none inside the house


After 10 years of trying cable, telephone, gsm and satellite solutions, I have given up and just use my iphone / ipad on its roaming contract.

We do have a little Vodafone wifi dongle – and you can recharge it at the Ipercoop Gravellona Toce Vodafone shop for Euro 20. The wifi key is 238 130 1395 and the Pin is 4494 – dont ask Danila for help with this, she is not a tech-savy person.
The town of Omegna has a free wifi – the username is boomerang and the password is boomerang,

also the Pizzeria Salera 16 in town has wifi.
I have learnt to stop stressing over this and focus on my capuccio and brioche instead and now I have much better vacations.


This is hard to explain as its kinda intuitive or not to some, but here goes. Don’t ask Danila to help with this, she is a technophobe.

To watch DVD’s – On the small Philips remote – press “AV” and then move to “EXT1” and press right arrow key to select it. The SKY satellite box must be off. The amplifier must be set to DVD Auto input.

To watch sky TV – On the small Philips remote – press “AV” and then move to “EXT1” and press right arrow key to select it. The DVD player must be off. The amplifier must be set to DTV Cable input.

Here are some useful channels that we get – CNBC 528, Bloomberg 529, BBC 530, Al Jazeera 532, CCTV 535, Russia 536, ZDF 546, MTV 708



These national emergency free call numbers can be reached from pay phones, without the use of a phone card or money.

  • Police (Carabineri) 112
  • General Emergency (Soccorso pubblico di emergenza) 113
  • Fire brigade (Vigili del fuoco) 115
  • Forest Fire (Incendio boschivo) 1515
  • Car Breakdown Assistance (Socorso Stradali) 116
  • Ambulance/Medical Emergencies (Emergenza sanitaria) 118
  • Pan-European Emergencies 112

There are emergency telephones every two kilometres on the motorway (autostrada) that connect directly to the ACI (the Italian Automobile Club).

European SOS 112

The number 112 can be dialed to reach emergency services - medical, fire and police - from anywhere in Europe. The operator connects the caller with the required emergency service. This Pan-European emergency number 112 can be called from any telephone (landline, pay phone or mobile cellular phone). Calls are free. It can be used for any life-threatening situation, including:



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